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What Can Cigarettes Tell Us About Personality Traits?

In 1953, a Los Angeles psychoanalyst named Dr. William Nuetra was studying how the position of a cigarette in one's hand can possibly signal certain character and emotional traits. He observed that much like walking and sleeping, how a smoker holds a cigarette can be an indicator of personality. In other words, is there a correlation between how we hold a cigarette and our inner selves? This specialist further pointed out that more robust analyses were subsequently needed to treat all patients. According to Dr. Neutra, women were especially concerned with their regular posture.
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Their attitudes were more conscious and possibly distorted the results of the study. Still, the conclusions that follow are a direct results of the findings of this experiment. For instance, Some people (mostly women) will hold a cigarette with both hands. According to the doctor, this signals anguish and insecurity; the cigarette being transformed into an object of desire which we are afraid to lose. Anxiety is likely to be one of the most predominant emotions. This is also a basic tenet within the study of psychoanalysis. The emotion will trigger certain defence mechanisms which are designed to protect the mind from dangerous situations. According to Sigmund Freud, such a mentality may manifest itself through the fear of abandonment, the fear of losing a loved one or object (the cigarette in this case) or losing the love of a valuable item within our life.

Cigarette Lassitude (Weariness)

Men and women express a sense of weariness when holding their cigarette facing up between their thumb and forefinger. This can also display boredom when within a situation of little interest to them. The cigarette becomes a toy; the only distraction that they have to occupy their mind. Indeed, many experts have studied this state of discouragement. This is the very same state of mind that people tend to try to avoid at all costs.
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In a way, such behaviour shows that boredom is nothing more than a state of psychological fatigue. It can occur when there is a lack of information to keep the mind occupied or when the situation itself causes little stimulation. Unlike the previous case when an external factor would dictate a response, it is the activity itself that become annoying. The smoker has no other choice than to seek entertainment through becoming distracted by the cigarette.
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