What Do Your Eyebrows Say About You?

The art of reading faces has been around for thousands of years – the first written account of the practice was found in China, and dated to approximately 2600BCE. Although an expert in the art can judge many aspects of a person’s character, those who are not as experienced in the art can still derive some valuable insights about the temper of a person with a single glance, as well as giving us a better understanding of what features to highlight when aiming for specific goals. It is thought that of all the facial features, the eyebrow is most able to show the lifelong success or failure of a person. So, what exactly do your eyebrows say about you?


The shape of the eyebrow can be one of the more important features on the face, and also one of the aspects that can be most affected by tweezing. A creative person’s eyebrows are curved, and they are also person oriented. The understanding of people gives the curved eyebrow wearer their views and feelings about the world, and technical detail can be a bore. Metaphors, similes and examples go a long way to helping you to express yourself, as well as understanding what other people are saying. You tend to have a rounded face and cheeks as well, and recognising this can aid you when deciding how to wear make-up to best effect. People with curved eyebrows are said to be of friendly temperament.

Meanwhile, a person with a straight eyebrow indicates an appreciation for detail and facts. Logic plays an important role in the way you think, and decisions tend to be more rational and less based on emotions. Confidence is also evident, although if the grasp of the environment in which the person lives is not mature and well-rounded, this can present as arrogance. When trying to communicate with a straight eyebrowed person, arguments should be made in terms of numbers rather than emotion; likewise, carriers of the straight eyebrow may do well to consider adding emotion to their arguments when communicating with others. When working through tricky situations, putting together pro and con lists using old fashioned pen and paper can aid making balanced and useful decisions. This temperament is said to be “logical”.
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