What Is A "calming Jar" ?

A "calming jar" is a simple and yet wonderfully effective Montessori teaching method designed to help calm the rattled nerves of children and otherwise provide a form of visual relaxation. Maria Montessori was a true renaissance figure; a teacher, an inventor, a philosopher, a doctor and a scientist. Her teaching methods have gained worldwide recognition and these approaches are particularly intended to mould and shape the behaviour of children. The ultimate goal is to help them become aware of the impact that their actions have upon the world around them. How will this calming jar help and why has it become so very useful?

Developing Harmony and Balance

Self-esteem plays an important role in shaping the ways in which a child views their place within life. However, where does this "calming jar" come into play? As mentioned previously, it is a deceptively simple tool that will help to placate a child when he or she is upset. The main functional aspect of this jar is the glitter that is contained within (often paired with soothing colour schemes such as green or blue). When the jar is shaken, the glitter seemingly comes to life. The magical light that is displayed will capture the attention of children much as a kaleidoscope can entertain these little ones for hours on end. Such a distraction will provide the child with a sense of peace. As a result, he or she is able to listen to adults without immediately reacting.

Serenity Found

Once the child has found this sense of peace, it is much easier for them to provide details as to why they may be sad, upset or otherwise discontent. It is a well-known fact that communication is key to resolving such issues. This effective stress management tool is known for both its simplicity and its ease of use. As it has been designed specifically with the needs of children in mind, the calming jar has become an integral part of many educational techniques.
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