What Kind Of Tummy Shape Do You Want To Change? We'll Tell You How To Do It!

The kind of waistline we have says a lot more than you'd think about our lifestyle - and not only about how much we eat and exercise. Different kinds of tummy shapes can mean different things and have different causes, and so if you want to change the shape of your belly it's best to know what the causes are of your current shape so that you can tailor your weight loss or exercise programs towards that particular shape. There are five basic types of tummy shape we can have, and we'll look at each one in turn, including what in particular causes each undesirable shape and what you can do to get a figure you'll be more happy with.

1 - The Dreaded 'Spare Tyre' Tummy

This is the most common result of excess fat being stored around the middle, and is one of the most commonly disliked tummy shapes for exactly that reason. It gets its name as it looks a little like you're carrying a car's extra wheel around your middle, with the rest of your body not necessarily showing any extra fat. Although everyone's body is different, this is the classic shape that comes about as a result of a fondness for rich foods, sugary treats, and even wine. This is the tummy shape of someone who loves to enjoy life, but unfortunately nothing comes without a price. If you don't want this vitality to show through around your tummy then try and cut down on any excesses in your diet. It is of course perfectly fine to enjoy your favourite foods and drinks in moderation, but try and remember that for every bite and sip you take, you could be adding a little extra to your tummy width!

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