What Should You Do If You See Your Pet Leaning Its Head Against A Wall?

Knowing what to do when you see your dog or cat leaning its head against a wall could just save its life! Such a trivial action, that may often go unnoticed, can be an indication that your pet is seriously ill. This alert to pet owners comes from Netherlands animal protection group, Steunpunt voor Dieren. Pets may sometimes rub their heads against objects if they have an itchy head that they are attempting to scratch. This could be due to the presence of cat or dog fleas or because of dry skin conditions and allergies. However, if your pet is compulsively pressing its head against a wall, a floor or a piece of furniture with no apparent explanation, it could be a sign of underlying disease. This unusual behaviour is known as "head pressing" and is quite unmistakeable: the animal will compulsively press its head firmly against a wall or piece of furniture for minutes at a time. If you see a cat or dog doing this you should consult a vet as soon as possible because it is often a sign of serious neurological damage. The sooner the animal receives treatment the more successful the outcome is likely to be.
The causes of head pressing include:

• Tumours

• Liver shunt

• Lead poisoning or other forms of poisoning

• Stroke

• Infection of the nervous system such as viral and fungal infections, or rabies

You should not confuse head pressing with common behaviours, such as when your cat or dog presses their head against you for affection or attention. If your pet is suffering from a neurological condition you may also notice other unusual symptoms, such as restlessness and pacing, seizures (fits), visual disturbances when the animal stares at a wall and getting stuck in corners.

Head rubbing as a symptom of serious illness was first brought to the notice of pet owners by a post on Facebook by the Dutch animal association Steunpunt voor Dieren and it rapidly went viral. Many people all around the world have commented on the post, saying that their pet had shown similar behaviour and had sadly died a short time afterwards. Please SHARE this information yourself and potentially help to save the lives of many beloved pets.

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