What The Mounts Of The Hand Reveal About Your Character

The shape of your hands speaks volumes about your character. Hand reading may not have a proper scientific basis, but many people are amazed with how accurate it can be. Someone who understands the complexities of palmistry can go a long way towards analyzing personalities, with just a quick cursory inspection of the hand. There are many subtleties to hand reading as well as advanced insights, but this article is by no means intended as comprehensive reference. Instead, this article is meant as brief introduction to palm reading. Here, you'll learn a simple set of observation that you can easily apply right now by reading our own hand. Once you memorize the key personality traits associated to each mount (or depression), you'll find it simple to perform a quick personality test that you can use to impress your friends.
Remember, advanced palmistry analyzes several mounts in your palm -- but for the sake of simplicity, here we'll focus only on the mounts located at the base of each finger. Each is named after a difference planet and expresses different aspects of your character. For this exercise, what you want to do is locate the dominant mount. This is easier to do if you keep your palm facing up and slightly clench your fingers together… kind of like you're making a cup with the hand. You'll notice that one of those fleshy parts will be larger. Depending on which finger that fleshy mount is connected to, you can learn about yourself or the person you're reading by checking the information below.
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