What This Family Is Doing To Their Boring Room Is Brilliant And Inspiring!


This family had had enough of their guest room which had stayed the since the last century. They got together and worked out a plan to modernize it and the result is truly something special!

Here is how the bedroom appeared before the work started: pretty bare and rather unimaginative. In addition to a just a bedroom, both homeowners had wanted a small study for some time. In short, there was definitely a need for something new.

After thinking long and hard about what to do with the space, the family came up with a great idea: to create a platform for which they could place the study, while the bed would stow away underneath, removable when it was needed… easier said than done!

At first, both had thought about adding a bunk bed instead of a platform. But because their parents often stop in for the night and both aren’t quite as agile as they used to be, the idea of a platform with bed underneath seemed like the most appropriate solution. Thus, began construction.


Creating The Frame

The anchorage to the wall is very important. Everything has to be held in with nails and screws safely to keep everything stable.

After a trip to the hardware store, they were able to find a few wooden beams to create the framework. The tools were their own, stored in the cellar, while the rest was borrowed from friends.

The frame is assembled and reinforced.

Next came the crossbeams, similar to the slats on a bed but more robust and sturdy.

Here you can see the idea being developing and coming together with the bed highlighted underneath.

In this case, the frame had to be screwed into the floor to ensure proper safety and stability.

Here is the moment of truth: making sure the frame is level. Everything is perfectly aligned! Priceless.

The next step required adding a coating of vertical slates to the foot of the bed which will show when it’s tucked underneath the platform.

The view from the other side. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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