What Would Be Willing To Do To Realize The Perfect Shot?


3. Swanning around for his passion

This disguise is quite impressive. It’s not clear if it is waterproof, or even comfortable for that matter. This is one photographer’s approach to keeping incognito. Wildlife photography can be a tricky business. Many practitioners go to great lengths to camouflage themselves so as not to startle their target. In this particular case, they have chosen to wander the water in a tent-like swan disguise. Floating around and taking snaps, it is hoped that he doesn’t attract too much attention. After all, swans are not known for having mild tempers and their wings have been known to break human arms. Still, at least one person seems to believe it is a good idea. It’s thanks to people like him, who sacrifice for their passion, that we can have nice desktop wallpapers. There is no such thing as one breed of photographer. They are as varied as their subject matter.

4. Sometimes, it’s OK to run

Wildlife images are widespread across the internet. The subject of how these images were captured is rarely brought up. However, sometimes even wildlife photographers have a line they draw in the sand. Angry frogs, aggressive spiders or protective eagles, the team might have handled; however, when a huge bear decided to come and say hello, it was time to leave. Expensive equipment and personal belongings be darned because “not being last” is now the new priority. The bear looks to have netted a nice tripod stand though, so it is a good day for her. The real hero is the guy in the middle. He is prepared to sacrifice speed to save his beloved camera. Not as fortunate in his weapon of choice as the lighting guy. Despite getting too close, whoever snapped this managed to get a good pic. Hopefully, the lost gear, sheer terror and early laundry day were worth it in the end.
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