What Would Be Willing To Do To Realize The Perfect Shot?


1. A shot worth melting for

Some photographers go to great lengths to remove themselves from their environment. Others like to get up close and personal with their target. Then there is this guy, who is literally prepared to set himself on fire to get the shot. Yes, that is lava he is standing on. Yes, those are his legs on fire. No, this isn’t photo-shopped. So, Let’s picture this for a second. You need to take some shots in, on or near an active volcano. You will probably need something like a special suit and breathing equipment, right? Not according to this photographer, who is perfectly happy to work in a pair of trainers and cotton combat pants. But respect where it is due, and assuming he didn’t melt, those must be some pretty epic photographs. Although, anyone who has ever spent serious money on expensive camera gear is probably wincing right now.

2. Real photography is snow joke

While some risk extreme heat, others are prepared to risk the cold. There are many people out there who assume that photography is simply taking a good shot. Any pro knows it involves so much more than that. Building your own igloo for example. Surrounded by snowy beauty, the camera is finally rewarded by one little fox’s curiosity. They had probably setup the hideout for a longer ranged shot; but it would be hard to imagine them complaining about it, given the situation. How long did they have to wait for their orange furry friend to show up? It doesn’t really matter in the end. Whether in beautiful nature or desolate wasteland, the professionals can often wait inhuman lengths of time for the right conditions. Hopefully, they have plenty of food, TV and WiFi in there. Then again, maybe that’s why the fox decided to call over and say hello.
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