What Would Happen If An Average Worker Stopped Showing Up For A Week?

All of us have the occasional sick day or two. We will call in sick or email the human resources department to make certain that they are aware of the situation. However, there are some instances when an employee will simply cease to arrive to their normal job for a week (or more). They give no notice and do not inform the necessary stakeholders. In such an event, what would normally happen? This is an interesting question that deserves an in-depth analysis. The findings may indeed surprise you.

All Too Common

We should first realise that studies have shown up to 13 million sick days are taken in the United Kingdom each year. Let us therefore assume that a standard office worker fails to show up on a Monday. If he or she failed to call in beforehand or otherwise contact a supervisor, it would likely be assumed that they would be arriving late or that there was a problem with their phone. Management will carry on much as normal. Any appointments or responsibilities that the worker had will be pushed back as far as possible. It is likely that a shift manager will make numerous attempts to call or otherwise contact the individual. At first, these attempts will be few and far between.
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