What Your Fingerprints Say About You


There is a rather interesting area of research which states that certain types of fingerprints will allude to specific personality types. Features such as arcs, spirals and "eyes" are supposedly able to define certain traits of an individual. So, what do these features illustrate in regards to the personality of the person in question? Let us take a closer look at such observations.

Simple and Pointed Arcs

An arc is defined as a set of upward-bending ridges found within the fingerprint. These arcs can either be "simple" or "pointed". A simple arc is one that is rather subtle and contains no sharp upturns. Supposedly, those who have simple arcs are thought to be steadfast and concrete in terms of the ways that they approach a task. Show Me Your Fingerprint and I Say Who You Are They will fully commit themselves to a particular cause and give all of their energy to ensure its completion. In simpler terms, those with a simple arc are said to have an excellent work ethic. On the contrary, a pointed arc is one which is dramatically raised up at its peak. Much like the shape of the arc itself, those with such pointed features are thought to be rather unpredictable. Although they may act without much forewarning, they are also highly creative in their nature. They have little fear and are drawn to new (and possibly daunting) challenges.

Ulnar Arches

An ulnar pattern is defined as a series of ridges which slope towards the little finger and have no recurring patterns. They can often appear like a "waterfall" that is aimed towards the little finger. Those who display this pattern are said to be gentle and quiet. Show Me Your Fingerprint and I Say Who You AreThey enjoy "going with the flow" (no pun intended) and do not particularly like when their schedule is interrupted. Other personality traits include an overall agreeable temperament. However, such people tends to be followers more than leaders. They may find it difficult to become motivated and when left alone, little could be accomplished. They are better as a part of a larger team.

Radial Loop Patterns

In many ways, this can be seen as the direct opposite of the previously mentioned ulnar loop. A radial loop will "flow" towards the thumb as opposed to the little finger. This is quite a common fingerprint pattern throughout the world. Some positive traits which are observed with this scheme are independent thinking, cleverness and an innate ability to question that which is not completely understood. Show Me Your Fingerprint and I Say Who You AreIt should therefore not be a great surprise that lecturers, philosophers ad mentalists are frequently said to espouse these very same qualities. There is nonetheless a downside to such analytical traits. Such people can also be critical of others and even stubborn. A self-centred approach is not uncommon while a tendency to go against authority figures can also be present in many instances. Still, a tender heart will offset the illusion of a hard exterior. It is only a question of getting to know the person in question as opposed to observing their actions alone.

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