When A Mc Donald's Happy Meal Shouldn't Look That Happy

About Mc Donalds

When it comes to the fast food industry Mc Donalds still remains the pioneering company that's top of the leader board. Mc Donalds is a household name and the biggest fast food chain in the world employing just under two million people. It's estimated that they sell about seventy-five hamburgers per second, and that's a lot of cows. Mc Donalds has become synonymous with every street corner in every town all over the globe, serving family favourites like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger. The company is also renowned for its logo of golden arches, its mascot Ronald Mc Donald and its vast advertising campaigns that have swept the public stage down through the years. For celebrities, winning an endorsement contract with Mc Donalds can catapult them into mega stardom not to mention the monies that can be accrued when involved with the name brand.

Fast Food controversy

Fast food chains provide fast food and the clue is in the title. There's almost 640,000 fast food restaurants in the USA alone which secures a whopping $100 billion turnover. So what is it about the food that keeps consumers coming back for more? Part of the appeal is its instant readiness.
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