When His Parents Discovered His Birth Defect, They Abandoned Him. 4 Years Later, The Impossible Happens!

A young boy named Kirill spent four years of his life in a Kazakh orphanage. In his time there, the workers had lost all hope that he would ever be adopted. Kirill, you see, was born without his right hand and in his native country of Kazakhstan, no one wants to adopt a disabled child. It’s for this reason that just 20 days after his birth, his parents abandoned him. As if it wasn’t hard enough to live in an orphanage your whole life, knowing your parent’s left you, Kirill had to deal with the fact that his disability was responsible for him being there and there was nothing he could do to change that. For years, he had endured a sad life in an orphanage. As more and more of his friends and foster brothers and sisters were adopted, he was still left there, more and more alone as time went on. For Kirill, he was coming to terms with the fact that would likely never be adopted.

A Simple Twist of Fate

One day, however, everything changed. Thanks to an incredible twist of fate, Canadian couple Doug and Lesley Facey had come to the orphanage looking to adopt a child. Both had always wanted a son and when they laid their eyes on Kirill, they quickly realized that he was the one they wanted to welcome into their family, despite his ability, or perhaps, because of it. Though both were eager to take Kirill home, sadly, even the director of the orphanage tried to convince them not to adopt him… “do you really want a baby with one hand”? It was an attitude like that that had kept Kirill in the orphanage for his whole life. But the couple was convinced and were set on taking him home. They knew in their hearts they were making the right choice.
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