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When Selifes Kill: Vanity Gone Wrong.


1 - A Need for Speed: Motorcycles and Selfies do not Mix

A Puerto Rican rapper who went by the stage name Jadiel was visiting his family in New York City. Proud of the wealth that his career had brought him, he wanted to display his success by taking a picture while on a recently purchased motorcycle. Unfortunately for Jadiel (whose real name was Ramon Gonzalez), the city traffic disagreed with his attempt. The young man lost control of his motorcycle and drifted into the opposing lane. He then collided with another vehicle. The car crushed his bike and this young rapper embraced a similar fate. He died while being treated in a local New York City Hospital.

2 - A Bridge Too Far

Southern Spain is home to a picturesque and famous bridge known as the Puente de Triana. It has attracted many tourists over the years and countless visitors have taken selfies above the calm waters punctuated by scintillating city lights. In 2014, a young Polish nursing student decided to capture a few memories that would last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this lifetime was cut tragically short. This woman of 23 years mounted a railing of the bridge and posed precariously to take a few snapshots. She lost her balance and fell five metres to a concrete platform below. Although she was revived on the scene, she later passed away in hospital.

3 - One Small Step

A girl by the name of Xenia Ignatyeva thought it was a good idea to take an original selfie atop a railway platform in the city of Saint Petersburg in Russia. While climbing the nearby support struts, she lost her balance and began to fall. Young Ms. Ignatyeva instinctively reached out to regain her composure only to find that her hand touched a cable powered by 1,500 volts. She fell to the ground and died after several minutes. Children nearby noted that she had survived the fall but they could do little to help. Ironically, this young girl was soon to celebrate her 18th birthday.
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