When Swans Mate For Life With Another Human Being

It's extremely unusual to capture photos of swans wrapped around human beings, let alone seeing them come anyway near. But, Richard Wiese, TV show presenter of Born to explore used to visit the Abbotsbury swannery in Dorset, as part of his ongoing work commitments. Time spent at the swannery typically included working with injured swans and Richard found himself spending more and more time with one in particular. The beautiful bird had unfortunately flown into a chain-link fence and needed special care and attention. Despite swans having notoriety for being hostile and even dangerous to handle, Richard did his best to make the bird feel safe and comfortable before departing to a sanctuary so that the swan could avail of proper medical care. Both swan and man continued to build a bond and an unusually close relationship was formed between the two.
Years later Richard decided to repay a visit to his beloved swan friend when it was being returned to its natural habitat in the UK. To his amazement, not only had the swan not forgotten his precious rescuer but it was quite happy to openly display its obvious affection and gratitude to the man who had saved its life. Richard described in detail how when he lifted the bird, it went willingly and nestled itself comfortably into his arms. This is extremely unusual behaviour for a swan as they are renowned for being quite vicious and territorial especially when around other human beings.When swans mate for life with another human being As if that wasn't enough of a demonstration of love, the swan then did something truly touching. It wrapped its long neck around Richard's neck and rested it's head on his shoulder. This poignant show of trust, recognition and loyal love took Richard by surprise. He spoke about how he could hear the animal's heart beating against his chest and how wonderful the moment was because it's just not something swans do ordinarily. In a world that constantly streams horror stories pertaining to the abuse of animals, this emotional tale has touched the hearts of thousands the world over. It's said that swans mate for life, but who would have thought that they could do it with another human being? If nothing else, this story reminds us all how true caring can be rewarded in the most surprising ways.

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