When The Summer Bug Bites And Delivers More Than A Holiday


Holiday heaven or hell

As the winter waves goodbye, many of us will find ourselves thinking about the oncoming summer and where we are going to spend our holidays this year. No doubt you've already had visions of lazing by the pool under a clear blue sky. Perhaps you've dreamt of sipping a cool glass of wine by the Mediterranean blue, or seen yourself strolling along the shoreline on a balmy evening? Pleasant musings of this nature are all very well but are they realistic? For many, the summer season means the arrival of the dreaded mosquito and if you're unfortunate enough to attract these pesky bugs you'll spend most of your holiday swatting them away, tearing at your skin and generally feeling uncomfortable. Mosquitoes are small insects that belong to the fly family. They are naturally drawn to breed near water which is why they are often found nesting near ponds and pools.
While we all appreciate nature and its inhabitants, mosquitoes can make life downright miserable and are the ruin of many a holiday abroad. These small but dangerous bugs choose their victims based on the scent emanated from perspiration. When it bites, it injects saliva into the skin and this is what causes the nervous reaction and subsequent red bump that we're all so familiar with. While these bites are irritating and unsightly, the fact remains that they are still viewed as the most deadly animal in the world because they carry virus, parasites and other hidden diseases. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito bites are responsible for more than one million deaths every year with Malaria being the number one cause. With such scary statistics circulating, should we be so blasé when they decide to innocently lunch on us? CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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