When You're Running For Your Life And The World Reaches Out


Battle of the bulge

Asia Ford, who hails from Louiseville KY, USA has been making a name for herself the world over. Her story gives us all a rare and evocative account of one woman's struggle to regain her health. Some years ago, she had a real wake-up call when her husband who suffered from diabetes lost a limb. The mother of three made had struggled with weight problems herself, and made a life-changing decision to lose some of her five-hundred pound excess body mass. She reported the moment of truth as being a life-saving intervention as she knew to continue on down the road she was going would certainly end in her untimely death. She recalled thinking about her children and her husband and how much they needed her. After much consideration, Asia decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and make a change before it was too late. She quickly set herself an attainable weight-loss target by adapting a restricted but healthy and nutritional food plan. She also incorporated an exercise programme into her daily routine. Determined to stick to her gruelling schedule, Asia then decided she would attempt to run her home town's 10 KM long 'Rodes City Run'. This marathon requires a high level of fitness and stamina but Asia committed herself to the year-long daily training and work-out requirements in order to be able to qualify and compete against other runners. While Asia's weight-loss programme was slow, she shed a significant and sufficient amount to encourage her to take part in the 10KM and stay true to her personal journey towards a healthier life.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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