Who Could Do This To A Helpless Dog? (PHOTO ON PAGE 2)

This little ball of fluff looks like a regular Chihuahua but wait until you see what’s hiding in her mouth – you won’t believe it!
In recent years it has become more and more fashionable to modify the body with tattoos or piercings. There of lots of people, young and old, who get a hole in their nose or a ring on their eyebrow, as well as more complex and extreme body modifications such as subcutaneous implants. It is a craze that once appealed to only a few but is now quite commonplace and seen on males and females of all ages.
One of the most popular types of body piercing involves making a hole in the centre of the tongue and inserting a metal barbell through the hole. This is done by holding the tongue in place with a pair of forceps and pushing a cannula tube through it from top to bottom.
It is as painful as it sounds and usually causes swelling for several weeks after the procedure. There is a high risk of infection and the piercing needs to be very carefully looked after. It can cause difficulty in eating and the metal tongue bar can cause damage to the teeth. To do this to yourself might seem masochistic, but to do it to someone who has no say in the matter goes way beyond the limits of accepted behaviour. Facebook users were shocked and divided by something that Maria Sabave, a thirty-five-year-old from Genoa in Italy, shared.
Using a photograph and a written post, the young woman let the world know that she had pierced the tongue of her pet dog. Her profile picture went viral and she was forced to leave Facebook due to the hostility she experienced.
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