Who Knew You Could Do All This With A Scarf?

If the only way you wear a scarf is by simply draping it round your neck, these clever ways to use a scarf will transform your accessorising.
For a beautiful plaited effect, fold a long scarf in two and hold the looped end in your right hand with a loose end in your left. Pull the end through the loop, followed by the other loose end.
Drape a long scarf around your neck. Loop the longer side round your neck and tuck the other into the neck loop three times. Repeat to make a neat neck circle. Fold a long scarf and bring it around your neck, pulling the ends through the loop. Pull it back through the loop and adjust into a neat knot below the neck.
Place a large triangular scarf in front of you, crossing the two ends behind your neck. Bring to the front and double-knot them underneath the material. Pull the bottom of the triangle up through the neck loop and fan out.
Drape a long, thin scarf over your shoulders and make a loose knot on the left side. Gather up the right side into pleats a few inches wide. Push the pleated material through the knot for a stunning ruffled effect.
This one is a little trickier! Take a long, wide scarf of light material and fold it lengthwise. Drape it around the neck and fold the right side up into a large bow, leaving one end hanging down. Adjust the bow to sit on the left shoulder.
Drape a long, silky scarf around your neck and gently knot the left side. Bring the right side of the scarf right around your neck and gather it up. Push the bunched material through the side knot for an elegant puffed effect around the neck.
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