Who’s Trolling Whom? Will The Real Amin Rashed Please Stand Up

When Facebook user, Amin Yashed, was targeted by a group of trolls, anyone with a three-digit IQ would have predicted an unhappy, even tragic, ending for the victim. Instead, Amin (apparently) managed to turn the entire sorry situation to his advantage, showing the world how a little intelligence and humour is all you need to turn a tale of harassment into one of friendship and laughter.

Amin Loses his Temper... Or Does He?

Amin became a The Sun headline when the so-called “exasperated” man’s name was ridiculed by jokers telling him to “get out of their sheds.”
The Sun reported that Amin was outraged, calling the trolls racists, but in little time, he’d turned the entire story into a viral Facebook page replete with an image of himself in a shed. The truth of the situation appears to have been overlooked by the reporter responsible for The Sun article, though.
On the surface, it seemed that Amin was an ordinary social network user who’d attracted a few trolls, but with a little digging, it became apparent that Amin was the real troll. He told a concerned friend that the entire situation was a “massive joke”. Massive would be the correct word because, within a day, an entire army of Facebook profiles popped up with names including Amin Yashou, Annie Job, and Nikya Stanley. Those who’d participated in the initial joke called Amin an inspiration, and that he is. By the fourth of March, Yashed was a community page and personae that had gathered 10 000 likes. As time progressed, new memes began to surface that showed that Amin Yashed was not a troll at all. He wasn't even a person. The entire situation had been orchestrated for a far more interesting purpose.
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