Why Did She Sleep With An Onion On Her Neck?

If you lived with someone like my mum, you’d be one of the people who would admire and dislike the world at the same time. She was a core supporter of natural medicines. If it was natural, shed research on it and try it. Name it! Green tea, stinging nettle, aloe Vera, herbal salt, etc. But on one night she baffled everyone. She took a red onion and cut it in half.Why did she sleep with an onion on her neck? She then took an old clean scarf and place on half of the onion in the scarf and place the cut side on her neck and tied the scarf on one side. Fashion for the night? No. it was actually a remedy for her persistent flu. So I got into research mode and started to learn the medical wonders of onions.
First let me take you through a brief history of how onions have saved generations in the past.
  • In the 1900’s, onions were used by some Europeans to fight off the plague successfully.
  • A North American community, a pacifist community almost similar to the Amish actually used to place onions in their homes during the harsh winter flu seasons. Their culture dates as back as the 16th century! They also often put cut onions in the room of a sick person and it relieved their ailments quickly.
In the past few years, science has been in a frenzy on how onions are so effective in treating of some diseases and infections. The results of their research and experiments have revealed some really credible and helpful methods on how to use onions in the day to day medical world.

Facts that have come from the research include:

  • 1. Onions are rich in sulphur hence the bad smell.
  • Sulphur is a very effective detoxifying agent and aids the body by helping it release toxins. This is especially true for the liver. It helps in the removal of heavy metals like arsenic and lead.
  • 2. It the highest source of quercitin. This is an antioxidant that helps in thinning the blood, lowering cholesterol, eliminating clots in the blood and fighting asthma.

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