Why Having A Daily Shower Could Actually Be Bad For You.

Most people like to have a shower once a day, sometimes even more in the hot summer months. After a hot summer's day, after a sticky gym session or after we've just woken up- a shower is often seen as an essential part of a modern and hygienic existence. Men and women both see being clean and fresh, thanks to daily washing, as an important part of self-respect and also respecting those around us by not subjecting then to any possibly unpleasant odours. However, recent research is questioning the wisdom of these long established hygienic habits, as some believe that washing too often could actually be bad for your health. Joshua Zeichner, an assistant dermatologist at the famous Mount Sinai hospital in New York, and Ranella Hirsch, a highly regarded Bostonian dermatologist, have scientifically proven the negative effects that too much exposure to water can have on our skin. Dr Hirsch recently stated that 'We over bathe in this country and that’s really important to realise', describing the population's dedication to daily showers and overreaction to bodily odours as merely a 'cultural phenomenon'.
Although not dismissing the importance of hot water and soap in the maintenance of real personal hygiene, the two experts believe that too much time in the shower can dry out and irritate the skin, and even destroy the good bacteria that are vitally needed to fight infection. So, what should you do if you notice dry skin but are worried about being a bit smelly? The experts recommend that you should ideally take a shower every other day but thoroughly wash your face, armpits, genitals, and the soles of your feet each day with hot water and soap. This should be more than enough to keep unpleasant smells at bay and is really just a return to the washing habits of our ancestors, a century ago. There are undoubtedly advantages to following this advice; as well as improving the health of your skin, you will also notice that your bank balance will look a bit healthier at the end of the month, as less water and electricity will be used, particularly if have a fuel hungry power shower. The two dermatologists have also given their considered advice to new parents. Children should not be washed continuously. If they are exposed to increased levels of bacteria, they will be stronger in the long run as their immune systems will be more highly developed. This means that they will be better equipped to fight bacterial infections such as eczema or scabies. A little bit of dirt is good for them! Add your thoughts below!

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