Why Is There A Horse On The Balcony? The Web “Mystery” Is Revealed!

With the steadily increasing spread of information on the web through social media websites, understanding when a news story is true or in fact simply a hoax can easily become a difficult task. Some hoaxes become “viral”, meaning they spread across the internet so widely and quickly that the content seems true when it first surfaces. This news is often picked up by legitimate news sources, peaking the interest of social network users across the globe and the general public alike and adds credibility to potentially absurd claims. The information in a hoax news story is deceptive, however, and often uses digitally altered images or video to attempt to prove it’s legitimacy. But there are also cases in which the opposite is true, where news and it’s accompanied images appear to be fake, but are not so.
In the case of a picture that appeared on Facebook, which quickly garnered more than 8 million shares, the image is of a horse looking out from the balcony on the first floor of a building in Burgio, common in the Province of Agrigento. Many of you will have seen the photo and perhaps even shared it on social media, too. As the photo went viral, it spread fast and quickly and amassed thousands of comments, often joking about the bizarre nature of the picture and it’s unlikeliness — could this just be one big joke that we’re not in on?
All the joking aside, though, some still wondered why the horse was on the balcony in the first place and who put it there — if it was by accident and whether or not the owner is responsible for the mistreatment of animals. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE …
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