Why Men Live Less Than Women.


Alternative Crane Safety

Here we see a very daring man taking the unconventional position of riding atop the crane's cargo rather than a safer position inside the cab or at the location they'll be dropping the gear. Health and safety is a key part of working in construction but these gentleman have disregarded regulations and decided that this plan is more efficient. The danger is apparent but perhaps the added frisson could result in a more productive work day. A more likely option is that this fellow is showing off for his friends and co-workers.

Worrying Weightlifting

These two are trying out a new way of weight training and whilst it may produce significant gains, it doesn't look like the safest way of working out. Whilst weightlifting might be a great way to get in shape, adding a balance ball to the routine might be a good way to get yourself a trip to the hospital. There's definitely something to be said for mixing it up at the gym but we suggest giving this particular set a miss next time you're doing a round. I guess only time will tell if these two are revolutionising workouts or just breaking backs.

Air Condition Repair

Now this is definitely not the way you want to go about fixing your air conditioning unit. We know it might be pricey getting the experts in but when it comes to air conditioning repair, these three clearly aren't certified in health and safety regulations. It must be very hot at this particular hotel because we can't think of another good reason why you'd risk hanging out on a ledge via a ladder being counter balanced by your two friends just to fix the air con. Thankfully it looks like the two chaps acting as weights have a few pounds spare for the task.
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