Why Outdoor Shoes Should Never Be Worn Indoors

We have all done it at one time or another. Perhaps, while trying to usher a pet and a small child over the threshold in driving rain, and laden with armfuls of shopping, we have tracked muddy footprints across the floor. With a silent curse, we set about cleaning up the mess we have made. After all, we cannot leave it like that, can we? But it is not the visible dirt left by wet shoes that should be of most concern to us. If you habitually wear your outdoor shoes inside, then you are almost certainly putting your health, and that of your loved ones, at risk.

Deadly Bacteria and Dangerous Toxins

A study by the University of Arizona found that the average shoe was harbouring almost half a million bacteria. While it is true to say that there are good as well as bad bacteria, further investigation revealed some deadly strains were included. Amongst the nasties, they found E coli, the bacteria responsible for diarrhoea, stomach infections and occasionally meningitis. Also present were Serratia ficaria known to be responsible for certain kinds of respiratory infection and Klebsiella pneumoniae, a common cause of urinary infection. This is because in the normal cause of our outdoor activities we unknowingly walk through areas containing remnants of bird droppings and dog faeces. Still feeling so happy to wear those outdoor shoes inside? It is not just bacteria that can hitch a ride indoors on our soles. A study from Baylor University found that dust particles, formed from the coal tar component of tarmac roads, were being transferred to the inside of our houses on our shoes. These dust particles may be at least partly to blame for the fact that people who live near asphalt roads experience higher rates of cancer. Other studies have also found that significant levels of lead dust and herbicides were being brought into the house on the soles of ours shoes. You are certainly made of sterner stuff than we are if you have read this far, and are still wearing your outdoor shoes.

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