Why This Is The Safest Cure Against Coughs And Colds

Ever been sick? If your answer to this question is no, please take me with you to the future where they have a ‘one for all diseases’ vaccine. The real question, however, should be, “Have you ever been sick and the medicine given to you was more of an aid to the disease than a cure?” .If your answer is yes, I bet you felt so swindled by the doctor because of your illness. However, the doctor might have done the right tests, found the right prognosis and diagnosis and finally gave you the right prescription and drugs for the disease. The doctor maybe had not seen the latest research regarding the drug or the disease, and that’s why he/she did not prescribe the right medicine for that diagnosis.
The above mentioned case applies to one of the latest research done on Vicks vaporub. For those who do not know what Vicks vaporub is I shall proceed to elaborate.
It is a rub that is applied to the chest when someone has a bad case of the flu, coughing or congestion. The rub contains three major chemicals; menthol and camphor which are mixed with petroleum jelly. The chemicals provide the numbing and counter irritant action felt on muscles. The pungent odour felt when applied to the chest or nose, is credited to suppressing of coughs, opening of nasal passages and opening of the stuffy airways consistent with flu.

New evidence suggests that the product has side effects that range from mild to deadly, the side effects include;
  • It causes a considerate increment of mucus production from the mucosal membranes of the respiratory tract thus obstructing the nasal and air passages. A study done by prominent scientist by the name Bruce K. Rubin, M.D. of the department of pediatrics for Wake Forest University School of Medicine, revealed that the rub was not helpful to an 18 month old patient. As usual the rub was placed under the nose and in return, it caused severe respiratory uncomfiness and distress. When the rub was completely removed, the distress stopped after some time.

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