Why Would A Beautiful Young Woman Want To Travel The World Alone?


People fear what they don't understand

An attractive woman travelling alone may seem like an oddity. It’s rare for women to travel alone for reasons of safety, but Alyssa Ramos is a young woman who has bucked the trend and regularly takes off by herself for adventures all over the world. She has a family and a job, but loves to travel alone. That’s simply how she chooses to spend her time and money. As a very attractive, slim brunette, Alyssa attracts considerable attention from men and women alike, wherever she goes. People stare at her on public transport, in the street and especially on the beach because of her pretty looks and young, slim figure. Perhaps she reminds them of a celebrity? Rather than being flattered by the attention, Alyssa's actually quite put off by it. She doesn't want to be judged by her looks, as she sees herself as just a hardworking girl who loves to travel. In addition to this, she has a high level of intelligence and independence and loves discovering art and culture and sampling the great outdoors.
She feels these are the standards upon which she should be judged. The more sinister side to all of this is that Alyssa's been accused of all kinds of things when travelling alone, because people can’t quite comprehend what would motivate a beautiful young woman to set out alone to discover the world. People think she's working as an international call girl or else seeking solace and comfort from a relationship breakdown. Sometimes, the looks and comments she receives get too much for her, with whispers and sniggers causing Alyssa to lose a little faith in human nature - but she hasn't been deterred from travelling!
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