Why You Should Be Massaging Your Feet Before Bed.

Just about everybody all over the world has own set of bed time rituals – I know I do, and chances are you do too. People vary in terms of what exactly it is they have to do before they can comfortably lay down for the night, with some choosing to unwind with a soothing mug of camomile tea whilst others like to tire themselves out with a quick workout – sit-ups, push-ups and the like – before they switch off. Regardless of how you choose to spend those twilight hours, however, there is some compelling evidence that suggests you’d be doing yourself a favour to make a little extra room for a new activity – massaging your feet. Indeed, there are some who believe that setting aside 10-15 minutes every night to show your aching feet some love can be hugely beneficial, and they certainly make a pretty strong case.
The general benefits offered by massage have been established for some time now, and it is (quite rightly) considered by many to be one of the most effective forms of relaxation out there, if not the the most effective. Not only can a good massage induce feelings of significant comfort, but it also causes a whole host of nice things to happen to your insides. First and foremost, they can improve your metabolism, which is a huge factor in promoting healthy weight loss. Not only that, but some proponents of massage therapy maintain that regular massage can be instrumental in the reduction of your body fat. They are also capable of stimulating the secretion of sweat, which is a vital process for removing waste products from the body and keeping everything under the hood running smoothly, as well as helping to keep up a healthy level of circulation by directing blood flow to the area being massaged.

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