William And Kate - Retracing The Steps Of A Beloved Mother


The royals tour India

Kate Middleton (34) and Prince William (33) have been touring the World Heritage centre in India and recent photos tweeted from Kensington palace have sparked much commentary. The couple are gearing up to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on the 29th of April and were eager to explore the wondrous sights of the famed Taj Mahal. The photos of the happy couple smiling against the symmetrical backdrop were bitter-sweet as they evoked memories of Lady Diana who sat there a long time ago.

Lady Diana's famous snapshot

The original photograph of Lady Diana sitting on the bench was taken back in 1992. The photo back then was significant as she cut a lone and somewhat sad figure against the magnificent architectural masterpiece. Just thirty years old, and dressed splendidly in a red and purple ensemble, the Princess reportedly remarked she found the experience to be "very healing". When she was pressed to elaborate, the princess was said to have replied "Figure it out for yourself." Speculation was rife and of course, nine months later Charles and Diana publicly announced their separation.

What was William feeling?

One wonders how Prince William felt as he took up the same spot as his beloved mother had occupied twenty-four years previously. A spokesman for the royal duo reported that they wanted to have their own unique experience by sitting in the renowned locality. It's also reported that the aides on hand tried to make little fuss over the visit, knowing full well the significance of the seat as it's known to the locals as 'Lady Diana's chair'. While the couple looked happy and comfortable, the poignant moment captured the hearts of many the world-over. A unknown source, said to be very close to the couple, claimed that the memory would not be a particularly strong one for the Prince. They went on to insist that there were other memories that had a much deeper meaning for him. This private visit had been about making new memories for the family to cherish in the future.

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