Windshield Wisdom - How To Fill In Those Pesky Cracks


What's in the kit?

The windshield DIY kit is relatively cheap to buy and you can purchase it online or in any good garage store. It's specifically designed to treat small holes and cracks which are caused when you drive over gravel or misplace a stone that takes flight and smashes a hole in your windscreen. The kit has several components which we've included here, but you'll need some extra items to complete the repair job properly:
  • Microfibre towel
  • Some alcohol for rubbing
  • Double sided seal
  • Syringe
  • Pedestal with tab
  • Tube of resin
  • Safety razor
  • Flat yellow square

How do I use the kit?

Clean the chipped area with a dab of alcohol and dry with the microfibre towel. Gently remove any splinters of glass with a pin or nail. Take the seal and peel off one side. Align the sticky side on the screen so the chip is in the centre and the tab is facing upwards. Peel off the other side and adhere the platform to the circle. Open the resin tube and squeeze three quarters inside the platform tube. Push the syringe inside all the way and then pull it upwards. This will remove any air bubbles. Leave for 10 minutes. Pull the syringe out then put it back in and push down and leave for twenty minutes then release. Use a safety razor to remove platform and sticker. Put the remaining drops of resin on the chip. Put the yellow sticky square on the chip and leave for 15 minutes in the sun. Remove sticker and gently scrape away residue resin.

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