Windshield Wisdom - How To Fill In Those Pesky Cracks


Windshield cracks

It's said that 30% of all insurance claims are to do with windhield cracks. It's also estimated that 70 - 80% of those claims are related to cracks that appear around the perimeter of the glass. The reason these cracks are so common is because the tension around the perimeter is excessive so any pressure in that area can lead to a crack. Windshield glass is designed to not break. That's why it's reinforced especially around the middle. There's usually a sturdy material between two sheets of glass and this is why it doesn't completely shatter. Still, small cracks are unsightly and can make for poor visibility, so driving around with a crack in your windshield isn't advised. There are crack prevention products on the market; a coating you can place on the two inches around the border of a windscreen.

Making an insurance claim

Making an insurance claim for a crack in your windscreen isn't always the wisest move. Insurance is primarily designed to deal with emergencies; accidents, serious car damage. While your windshield may be covered in your policy, your premium almost doubles when you make any sort of claim so it's worth checking out ways to fix it yourself if it's at all possible. Windshields are created with safety in mind and this is why they appear to be indestructible. In a head on collision, the windscreen can come tumbling down on top of the driver or passenger and can cause serious injury. However, because the border of the windshield is thinner and because it expands and retracts depending on heat and cold, it's vulnerable to those irksome cracks. Still, when it comes to small cracks or holes which are caused by a flying pebble, you'll be happy to hear there's a new product on the block that can fix it in no time, saving you from cashing in on your insurance premium.

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