Woman’s Body Photoshopped To Look “Beautiful” In Different Countries

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, according to a new and interesting study by British online pharmacy Superdrug Online Doctors. They gave graphic designers from 18 countries the same photo of a woman dressed in her underwear and asked them to use photoshop-style tools to design the perfect woman. The results vary dramatically from country to country and are a real eye-opener about what different cultures consider is beautiful. Check out the results...


For the project called “Perceptions of Perfection”, designers were invited to alter the image to fit the idea of beauty in their country. Some retouched images were only slightly changed, while others were hardly recogniseable as the same woman. They amended the image from top to toe - from the colour of her hair to the shoes she wore, and from the colour of her nail varnish to the size of her waistline. The Argentinian designer kept the same underwear, the same pink wedges, hair and makeup, but gave the woman a more slender frame and a tighter tummy.


The Chinese designer altered their image dramatically from the original. They kept the same underwear and shoes, but darkened her hair, slimmed her down and gave her a v-shaped face. In fact, they made her so thin that she qualified as anorexic for her height under Britain’s National Heath Service (NHS) guidelines. As part of the project, people were asked to guess the weight of each of the retouched models, then her Body Mass Index (BMI) was calculated based on the weight data. China’s “ideal” woman weighted only 102 pounds and had a BMI of 17.0. The NHS considers adults with a BMI below 17.5 as being anorexic.
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