Wood Pallet Wonders - Five Ways To Create Works Of Art


Herb garden

Wooden pallets are unique because for every wooden slat there's a few inches of space. This makes them ideal for use in the garden, especially when it comes to sowing seeds or growing plants. Using quality compost or soil, fill in the gaps between the slats and plant your favourite herbs. The remaining wood and borders can be decorated with bright splashes of paint. Grow your own parsley, thyme, tomatoes and fennel seeds. Sit back, and watch your herb garden grow.

Inexpensive flooring option

Do you have a wooden outhouse or cottage? Maybe you have a shed which you'd like to turn into a nice room for relaxation or leisure pursuits? Either way, you can improve the appearance while adding comfort and warmth with some well-placed wooden pallets on the floor.
Inexpensive flooring option
Slot them together to make unique designs and if you want to raise a platform in corners, simply build them on top of each other. It's a cheap alternative to traditional flooring which can cost a lot of money, and you can paint or varnish them to get some extra sheen.

Wooden cot for kids

Wooden pallets make great building materials as they are already constructed and just need to be interwoven. They can be used to make the perfect wooden cot or bed for young children. They'll appreciate the homely touch because wood is relaxing and adds warmth and character to any sleeping space. Extra attention to detail should be given to safety so make sure the wood is sanded down and varnished and that each piece is totally secured. Painting and decorating the bed can be a great way to get your child involved in this project.

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