Wood Pallet Wonders - Five Ways To Create Works Of Art


Wooden pallet creations

Wood pallets are perfect to work with because most of the construction is already in place. While they are mainly used for business storage and transportation reasons, they're often discarded and even burned. These sturdy wooden slats are built to last as they are interwoven to make them strong so they can withstand harsh conditions and great weights. This is why they make great material fodder for art and craft enthusiasts or home DIY projects.

Tables and chairs

Before you try to create anything, tend to the surfaces first. They're usually made of untreated and rough wood pieces so you'll need to give them a good sanding down to get a smooth veneer. Make sure the slats are safely conjoined and insert extra nails if it's needed. Cut the desired shape and size suitable for a coffee table and varnish the surface.
Tables and chairs
Place a sheet of plain glass on the top and secure. You can pick up mobile wheels in any hardware shop and these should be adhered underneath. Voilà! You have a mobile coffee table that will look pretty in any residential home or office block. Similarly, pallets can be adapted to make elongated bench space for eating areas in canteens. They also make pretty seating areas in beer gardens or on restaurant patio spaces.

Garden shed/outhouse

If you run a business, you may come into contact with hundreds of wood pallets. Instead of discarding them, you can put them together to build a beautiful garden shed or outhouse. Simply slot the pieces together like one would do in a jigsaw and seal the edges. The project will provide hours of fun and you can fill your little addition with things you don't want hanging around the house. This storage facility doesn't need a lot of experience as the pallets are already conjoined. A hammer and nails will do the rest.

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