Would You Be Deceived By These Holiday Villa Photos?


Holiday property marketing can be deceptive

Marketing companies have always tried to show their customers' products and services in the best light with enticing wording and clever photography but when does this go too far? At what point do photographs taken on a sunny day and touched up with Photoshop cease to reflect the day-to-day reality of a product and become a lie? Well, the villa holiday rental industry is often guilty of misrepresentation, framing houses in photos to show a certain perspective but not necessarily the whole story! The scope of this trickery ranges from mild to severe. Sometimes photos are only slightly deceptive, taken on a summer day with blue skies when everything's awash with colour enhanced by Photoshop. Sometimes photos are taken from an arial perspective to make the most of a view that can't be seen from the ground.
Another trick occurs when photos completely fail to show some monstrosity at the bottom of the garden or the ugly, noisy intrusion at the end of the drive. The trouble is, once you've travelled with your family some considerable distance to spend a few weeks away in a luxury villa, only to find things aren't as they were advertised to be, what can you do? You don't have much of a choice but to stay. After all, the alternatives are a costly hotel perhaps or a return flight home, both of which would considerably increase the costs with no guarantee you'd get a refund from the villa owner or holiday letting company who let you down. Admittedly, you could sue for misrepresentation, but who wants to do this from a foreign country while on holiday? It would seem there's no alternative but to put up and shut up.
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