Would You Raise Your Baby On A Vegan Diet?


A child with a rare growth disorder

If you're a vegan, you won't eat anything that's derived from an animal, so all dairy products including milk, cheese and yoghurt, meat and fish are all off the menu. It's one thing making the choice to become a vegan as an adult, but completely different if you inflict a vegan diet on a baby. Restricting a baby's nutritional intake and depriving it of essential vitamins and nutrients can have disastrous consequences, as one family in Treviso, Italy found out to their horror. It’s unclear whether this family received professional advice before deciding to feed their baby a vegan diet but, within the first few months of their new-born’s life, checks on the child showed she wasn’t growing as she should and her height and weight didn't match what was considered normal for a child of her age so her concerned parents took her to the hospital to find out what was wrong.
Shocked at the girl's stunted growth and abnormal development, doctors performed x-rays and tests to find what might be the cause. In the meantime, her parents had revealed they were vegans and were raising their baby as a vegan too, feeding her only homemade almond milk. This story hit the Treviso newspapers although, to protect the family's privacy, they remain anonymous. This story raises the question of should some action be taken against the parents or paediatricians who gave advice about feeding a baby a vegan diet?

The scourge of scurvy

This story's similar to a recent case in Spain where another baby was raised on almond milk alone. This Spanish baby developed scurvy, which is exactly what happened to the little girl in Treviso. Scurvy's a rare disease in today's world, originating from the 18th century, and is caused by a vitamin C deficiency in the diet. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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