Would You Trust Your Dog With Your Baby's Life?


Man's best friend

Dogs are known as man's best friend for the very good reason that they're loyal companions and are full of love for their owners. It's not surprising, therefore, that so many households across the world own a dog as a pet. It's often the case that people have dogs instead of children or maybe even before the birth of a child. So, what happens when a baby comes along and there's a dog in the household? Can babies and dogs get along together or are there inherent dangers to tiny tots from our canine pets? After all, dogs are descended from wolves which are known for their ferocity and hunting and killing abilities. Any sensible parent would surely have serious concerns, especially since there have been countless news stories of dogs mauling their owners and sometimes children, often with fatal consequences.
Whilst some breeds of dog are to be avoided and are even banned from being kept as pets (laws about banned breeds vary in different countries) most dogs aren't inappropriately aggressive and, if treated well by their owners, grow into the pets we know and love so well. Dogs accept adults and children equally and photos show how parents have left their children asleep in their cot with a dog in the house. When going back to check on the child a short time later, they've found the family pet is snuggled alongside the infant or toddler in protective bliss. The photos snapped by incredulous parents showing these loving poses illustrate just how special the relationship can be between dogs and humans, including children. As soon as the animals realize that nobody is there to protect the infant, they run into the room to make sure everything's ok and adopt a caring role. So, where does the protective instinct towards children come from? CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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