Wrinkles: A Personality Built On One's Skin Over Decades

We're all aware that we change and grow over the years, if not always how. From age 10 to 20 to 40, a lot of things change – our tastes, our thoughts, our knowledge. And our bodies change, too. What many people don't realize is that all of these things change in sync.

When you age, the changes in your body match how you've treated it: your features, as they mature, start to reveal more and more of you as a person. Even scars do this. Most overlooked of all might be the wrinkles all around our faces. Every wrinkle in every position might say something about you!

For example...

Thought-filled forehead

As the place where the mind rests, the wrinkles on your forehead say a lot about your mindset. Horizontal wrinkles are common, but the number of them is what tells the most: two wrinkles indicate someone of pride, with an unwavering mindset as wrapped up tightly within itself as something contained by two great sheets. Meanwhile, three wrinkles indicate someone who is serene, with a great deal of control over themselves and their thoughts. Regardless of the exact number, horizontal wrinkles indicate an intelligent and thoughtful person – someone who may have too many thoughts to be so easily contained by their forehead!

Questioning eyebrows

The kind of wrinkle that runs between the eyebrows and often bends down or up, like a groove, is the kind of wrinkle you might see on someone with authority and wisdom: that is, after all, what it represents. If wrinkles sit above someone's eyes and to the side like that, you'll probably notice – and they'll probably make it clear. Extremely visible wrinkles around and underneath the eyebrows can be a bad sign, though – just as your body reflects your mind, your body also has a lot to say on its own. Eyebrows thin together with hair, and that means that if your eyebrow wrinkles are prominent, you might be having a small amount of liver trouble.
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