Yamuna - The Miracle Dog That Defied All Odds


Yamuna gets back on her feet

A young pup named Yamuna, was picked up by Animal Aid Unlimited Rescuers. As the stray dogs have no real homes, they tend to prowl about the streets and an unfortunate consequence to this is that they tend to get knocked down by cars in the very busy traffic lanes. When she first arrived she was completely paralysed in her hind legs and unable to move at all. The staff set to work with their limited resources, and tried to rehabilitate the pup as best they could. Initially, Yamuna only got around by literally dragging the second half of her body along. It's a terribly sad thing to witness a dog half starved, but to see it virtually pulling it's body along the ground is truly heart-breaking. Still, the volunteers poured all their love and patience into Yamuna, doing basic physiotherapy on her legs. By day fifteen they had successfully managed to get Yamuna to stand unaided despite her still being very weak. The staff continued to push Yamuna to exercise more and more, and gradually the strength came back into her legs until she had enough mobility in them to scramble along herself. It wasn't long before a bond of trust had formed between Yamuna and her helping aids, as both were determined to see the journey of recovery to its bitter end. Thankfully, today, Yamuna is completely cured, and back on all fours, due to the patience of these unsung heroes. It's a timely and heart-rendering story that reminds us all that we don't necessarily need anything more than a loving heart to give someone else a new lease of life.
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