Yamuna - The Miracle Dog That Defied All Odds


The plight of stray dogs in India

In our Western World, a stray dog is almost unheard of. Those few unfortunates who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves, are taken care of pretty quickly. There's no shortage of aid shelters, pounds and foster homes all waiting and willing to help a stray dog integrate back into society. However, in India the problem with roaming strays is almost at epidemic levels. Many of the dogs that are left to live on the streets are in very poor physical condition. They don't have access to essential medical supplies that provide immunisations or birth control methods, so many of the females become pregnant and many others carry diseases. India doesn't have a lot to offer when it comes to adequate shelter and food for the stray dogs simply because of the vast numbers involved. There are many Western organisations who are more than willing to try and help out with this problem, but many of them are under-funded and under-staffed and limited in what they can realistically achieve. Organisations such as TOLFA or JAAGRUTI who try to fight for Indian stray dogs' rights, can only really effect minimal change by trying to raise awareness of the troublesome situation. But, because the problem is so widespread it's completely out of control. Visiting charities who assess the situation in fleeting visits can't help much either. However, no matter where you live, there are always good Samaritan's waiting in the wings. There are just as many Indian dog lovers doing their very best, with limited supplies. They often have to work out of very restrictive spaces and under very difficult conditions but they soldier on because they believe dogs deserve the same respect and love that human beings take for granted. It's always heart-warming then, when a successful dog rescue story like the one you're about to read makes the headlines. It gives us all something to smile about.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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