You Won't Believe What Happens To This Cute Little Boston Terrier Puppy!


If only all meals could be this much fun!

Cat videos are so 2015! Cute puppy clips are the latest thing and this one is particularly special featuring a tiny Boston terrier - just look at his tiny floppy ears and big eyes. You have to see this adorable clip of a tiny Boston terrier puppy eating from a bowlful of food. Goodness knows what's in the bowl, but it certainly seems to taste good to the little puppy! One warning, however, it's impossible to watch this little fellow without your heart melting and, if you have children, it might be a good idea not to show them, especially if they are dog-lovers, as they will probably plead endlessly for you to get them one! Get ready for the cuteness; this puppy and his antics will steal your heart!

Watch what happens halfway through the clip...

Just look at what happens to the little guy's hind legs halfway through the clip. The doggy baby is so thrilled by the food he is eating that he literally cannot keep his paws upon the ground!

More about Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are an American breed and are known for their intelligence and ability to be trained. They can be black, brown, brindle or seal -the colour of a wet seal- and have white markings. These characterful dogs are medium-sized and have a short tail and erect ears. The breed is currently the 23rd most popular in the United States, but after this viral video clip of the puppy, it won't be surprising if interest in Boston terrier puppies soars! If you enjoyed watching this video, please feel free to leave your comments in the box below and, of course, dont' forget to share it with your family and friends!

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